It’s Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday! And tomorrow is Veteran’s Day so I’m off (OK, no jokes about being “off” all the time – this means you Brian) tomorrow. Remember to honor all veterans everywhere. They do what they do so that the rest of us can live free. And for that, we owe them our eternal thanks.

Things are a little slow around here. I’m currently working on reviewing what is being done nationally on Trial Court Performance Standards and Measurement Systems. There are two standards out there. One is from the American Bar Association and the other is from the US Department of Justice through the National Center for State Courts. Not the thing kind of thing that most people get excited about but it does relate to how fast, or perhaps more accurately, how slow cases progress through the courts.

Last night was the end of MTV’s Real World Hawai’i. I probably wouldn’t have watched the show except for the fact that is was filmed in Hawai’i. In fact, the house was located on the beach where I usually go when I go for a swim. But who would watch this show? I know it was the most highly rated of any of the Real World series but really, who wants to watch seven maladjusted twenty-somethings acting up? I guess I just don’t get the point. Must be age…

The Honolulu Advertiser this morning published some of the notes and cards being left as sort of a memorial in front of the Xerox building. Below is a poem by Trina Adaro entitled “Sharing a Smile.” It refers to Ford Kanehira, Xerox employee and husband of Lorna Kanehira, employee of the Hawai’i Judiciary (as I am).

Always a smile on your face,

Always a smile on your face

When responding to our service call.

You never knew my name

But, it didn’t matter to me at all

For the nine years I’ve known you

As the “Xerox Man” or “Ford,”

It gives me great comfort to know that

You are with the Lord.

I’ll always remember you

Looking like a doctor performing surgery

On our mega, monster machine.

Working…oh…so diligently.

Always a smile on your face

Even if for only a little while

It was gift from you to me

And I thank you for sharing that smile.

The Xerox seven were: Jason Balatico, Ford Kanehira, Ron Kataoka, Ronald Kawamae, Melvin Lee, Peter Mark, and John Sakamoto.

Quick Notes:

I see that Svenson is having fun installing and running Caldera Linux 2.2. It’s hilarious. Take a look. This is typical of what happens when even an obviously experienced and knowledgable person jumps in and tries to use Linux. Imagine the problems when Ma and Pa average tries to install it…Yikes!

I see that Dr. Keyboard has updated his daynotes. Jolly good show or some rot. How a Limey enjoys living in France I’ll never know but I would like to try it myself some time.

Have a good day!


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