Late, But Better Never

Sorry today’s log is late. It took me awhile to answer all the mail from my ten’s of readers (it’s amazing that so much mail can be generated by so few people!). But as always, I will try to answer all email. Your mileage may vary. Objects are larger than they appear. The door is ajar. I did not have sex with that women, Monica Lewinsky(sp?). The dog ate my diskette.

This in from Dan Bowman, who is obviously an athletic supporter (grin) of the Fresno Bulldog college football team.

…I found out if our quarterback made the plane.

But now that I have, good luck to you, June Jones and the team; you’ll likely need it!

For the local take:


Dan Bowman

And below is my reply:


I’ll make sure June Jones and the team gets the link to the Fresno Bee (I love the name, it fits the place so well…grin). I think it will help motivate them…Its just the kind of headlines that get people focused!



ps I just emailed your link to the UH. I’m sure they will find it helpful.

And now this from Svenson:

who wants to watch seven maladjusted twenty-somethings acting up? I guess I just don’t get the point. Must be age…

It most certainly is, nothing funny at twenty-somethings acting up, they are way too old to do that sort of thing. Must be the age indeed.

I see that Svenson is having fun installing and running Caldera Linux 2.2. This is, sometimes, typical of what happens when even an obviously experienced person jumps in and tries to use Linux.

1. I am indeed doing this for fun. Once everything works I wouldn’t know what to do with the box. Other then ripping it out and starting fresh.

2. I am indeed hilarious most of the time (except when I try to)

3. Sometimes I am obvious, mostly however …

4. I am indeed experienced, I have about 18 years experience in breaking computers (and cars and …
other breakable and unbreakable things)

(serious) You did put a link to my current week. Thanks for putting up that. But … (I always have a but, just ask Tom). That link will not point to the intended page after the weekend. (except that I am having upload problems at the moment) So either you must change the link later or hope the visitors will be diligent enough to check back. This applies to all the daynoters (I include you as well, ’cause I think you deserve to enter the list, but beware of the ritual 🙂 ). I don’t know how the others do things but I have the ‘thisweek.html’ page mirrored (simple copy) in a ‘weekxx.html’ page and this last remains fixed when the week is over so you can best use that as anchor for links. In this case it would be, or even to point directly to saturday. (/serious)

Imagine the problems when Ma and Pa average tries to install it…Yikes!

They typically take the ‘easy’ approach of installing Win98. But they might be surprised. I did not succeed in installing that on Yaku (Cyrix 166, 64MB) and on Pa (Cyrix 200, 64MB) and that I needed several tries to get it working on Cindy (Celeron 400, 96MB) where it falls over often. But then I do break things often.



And my response back:


Thanks for the email and visiting the site! While I hope that someday I may reach such heights as being a
daynoter, I can only dream for now. I hope my description of your experiences with Linux were not taken the wrong way. I was happy that I wasn’t the only one having fun getting Linux running. And to show how hilarious I am, I think I will try installing OpenBSD Unix next (Oh, excuse me, “I’ll be right there Doctor to take my medicine”…it’s a little hard to type with your arms in restraints…grin). But I hope no offense was taken because none was intended.

As far as the link, you are right. I need to note to my readers that the link will change at the end of the week. I’ve done that in the past but neglected to do so this time. Thanks for the reminder! [The link has been changed-Ed.]

As I was telling my friend Brian earlier, yesterday was one of those drop-dead gorgeous days that seem to occur this time of the year. Its like Mother Nature decides to take a break, and by doing so, creates an atmosphere that is so razor sharp and clear that it almost hurts the unfiltered eye. My wife (She Who Can Not Be Disobeyed) and I cruised through Waikiki and watched some beach volleyball, of the female kind (nudge nudge, wink wink
– sand does indeed get everywhere when the players are wearing thongs).

Lunch was at the local Red Lobster. I had the Cajun chicken on linguine in a white sauce and SWCNBD had the Shrimp version of the same. We both had to be carried out because we ate so much.

There did not appear to be much worth watching on TV so we both retired early.

Saturday is the football game between the University of Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors and the Fresno Bulldogs. Don’t the team names tell you a little bit about where the teams are from (this means you DB)? If we win, we tie for the lead in the Western Athletic Conference. If they win, they pretty much wrap-up the championship. Go Bows!

Sunday is the funeral for Ford Kanehira, one of the Xerox seven and husband of one of our employees. I will say no more.

Have a good, and safe weekend everyone – Aloha!


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