Outback and Back

Even as we seem to have reached a tipping point in our
voluntary adherence to the rule of law, it’s heartening to
find a story like this one. It seems a father and son where
out for a Saturday morning motorcycle ride (they refer to the
bike as a Kawasaki quad. I think people here in the US call
it an ATV. See some examples

Apparently, the pair hit a wedge of wood, suddenly halting
the bike and throwing them over the handle bars. The bike
followed and ended up on the father, pinning him in place.
With his father unable to move and in critical condition, the
son, with every rib in his seven year-old body broken, hiked
2km (~1.25 miles) through the brush to tell his mother and
get help.

Upon reaching the house and relating the location of his
father, the boy collapsed from his injuries.


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