Daily Archives: 12 May 2004

All Jazzed Up

Speaking of planning for the worst, while I have supported
Jasmine Trias, the sole remaining American Idol contestant
from Hawaii, and one of the final four left in the TV show
contest, I think her time to leave has come. Clearly, she
needed to do very well last night but I don’t think that

If she has a problem, it’s that she doesn’t seem to have a
very powerful voice. I don’t know if it’s because she gets
nervous and runs out of breath or if she hasn’t learned how
to, as they say, sing from the diaphragm. This has caused her
no end of problems as the other three contestants either
already knew how, or learned very quickly.

I now wonder why she never did. Did her coaches think she
didn’t need to? Did she think she didn’t need? I don’t know.
All I know is she is the now the weakest singer of the four
and will probably have the fewest number of votes and
therefore be off the show tonight.

If there is anything that could save her, it is
indignation on the part of her fans over the way she was
treated by the judges last night. I know the judges are there
to stir things up but, for goodness sakes, she’s only a
teenager and you don’t have to be mean about it. And mean
they were. So I voted early and often just because I was so
pissed off irate at them for making her cry.

Whatever happens tonight, I’m sure all of Hawaii supports
her and I hope that brings some comfort to her. Seto out.