So the votes are in and . . . Jasmine is safe. In fact, I
hear on the radio that so many people voted for her that she
came in number 1. All I can say to Simon, Paula, and Randy is
“Yo, eat ‘dis.” Aloooooha.

Now to be serious for a moment. Jasmine will probably be
voted off next week and all of the people who hate her because
their favorite lost this week will be happy. Or not.

But remember this: Hawai’i is a small state with about a
million people. Tuesday night, Hawai’i generated about a
million or two votes for Jasmine. At this point, it takes over
six million to be safe. Obviously, a lot of other people other
than just those in Hawai’i voted for her so don’t blame Jasmine
or Hawai’i for your loss.

Second, American Idol has always been about popularity. Was
Kelly the best singer in year one? Was Reuben in year two? So
don’t be surprised if year three is won by Diana (who I think
is a very good singer but not the best of the final 12).

And lastly, don’t ever challenge the people
of Hawaii. Even today, we are made up of many immigrant people.
Said people have the guts to leave their homelands to better
themselves in a foreign land. This type of people can not be
described as wall flowers like Simon may think. Rather than
shrinking and running when challenged, they will get in your
face and punch you in the nose. So back off.



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