Daily Archives: 17 May 2004

MT Promises

into Mark
has a pretty good posting on MovableType 3.0. MT
has never been OpenSource or free. But in Mark’s opinion it was
open and free enough for most people. But with the coming of
version 3.0DE, MT has made a choice. If you want to use it, you
have to pay. A lot.

Mark goes on to say, if I understand what he is saying, that
commercial software like MT doesn’t have a future and that only
OpenSource efforts do. I have to disagree with this. If
anything, the history of software indicates just the opposite.
I mean, most programs OpenSource or not, aren’t around very
long. But I think people tend to do things that they get
rewarded for and if a program is successful and the author gets
money for it, he or she will probably continue development of
the program. On the other hand, people working on OpenSource
alternatives don’t get money for their work. Sometimes that
doesn’t matter. But most times it does since most people aren’t
independently wealthy and need to earn some money to have a
roof over their heads and food on the table. Hence, at best,
they may spend some free time working on the program but they
will spend the majority of their time on things that pay them

Note that I’m not making a value judgment here. It’s simply
the way things are.

But being that as it may, there are other content management
systems. You have a choice. You can stay with MT and support
its development or you can switch.

I’m in the process of testing MT 3.0 Developer’s Edition.
I’ve installed it but so far am disappointed. The comment
registration system, designed to ban spam, works against
various robots, but does nothing against armies of low paid
people in India hired by spammers to send their drek far and

As Mark notes, he’s already received spam while running a
beta of the new registration system. Hence, the main reason for
going to MT 3.0 is probably void.

Even before MT 3.0 came out, I began taking a look at other
solutions. Pair.com, the host to this site, supports two:
Blosxom and Geeklog. Either would work,
although, for my taste, Blosxom is too minimalist and Geeklog
is too fussy.

But another program has gotten a lot of word-of-mouth and is
called WordPress. I haven’t
had much time to work with it so I won’t say anything about it
yet but if you are looking for an alternative, you may want to
check it out (although I’m a little concerned about the dynamic
versus static-based page debate).

The bottom line is you have a choice. You don’t have to use
MT3.0DE. Hence, rather than demonizing Mena and Ben, who are just
trying to make a living producing a product people want and are
willing to pay for, find something else.


Paper Cuts

On a lighter note, this PhD candidate was
interested in “fundamental models of robot, animal, and human
locomotion and manipulation.” So he built a robot that could do
origami, the oriental art of paper folding.