Lest We Forget…

The sweet smell of plumeria will always
be associated, in my mind, with the month of May. I
can remember, when I was in elementary school, stringing lei
made out of the beautiful flowers. At that time, almost every
yard had a tree laden with the white, yellow, pink, and red
blossoms. So near the end of the month, the call would go out
to all the homes to bring as many flowers as possible to the

We would then string the flowers together so to make lei
each about two feet (~0.6m) end-to-end. While this is usually
too short to give to someone, it’s not too short for the
purpose we were using it for.

Monday is the Memorial Day holiday in the
US. A day set aside to honor our nation’s sons and daughters
who have died while serving their country in the armed forces
during times of war.

Each and every one of the tens of thousands of graves in the
National Cemetery
of the Pacific
in Honolulu will have a plumeria lei laid
around their gravestones. It is but a small way to to honor
those who gave their last full measure of devotion to our
country and a way to teach children that freedom is not

I’ll be taking the day off and will be back here on Tuesday
(Lord willing and the ‘crick don’t rise) but give a good
thought for those who have died for the very freedoms we seem
so intent on giving away. We can hope that their deaths will
not have been in vain.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone –


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