Illogically Speaking

As Spock would say, sometimes, fixing a computer requires
illogical solutions.

On Friday, our IT people were able to get
me access to the Intraweb server again. They did it the old
fashion way: by facing in the right direction and incanting the
correct magic syllables.

Actually, they did what smart IT people do: they applied
logic and began to eliminate possible sources of the problem.
First, they attached a laptop to our network drop and
determined that the problem was not specific to my PC. By doing
this, they refrained from wasting hours trying various changes
on my PC that probably would not have made a positive

Once they determined the problem was not specific to my PC,
they focused on the server’s configuration. This is where the
chanting came in because they couldn’t find anything wrong. Yet
every time anyone would try to login they would end up in the
wrong directory. They tried deleting my login and creating a
new one but no joy.

So, they copied everything in the directory I needed to get
to and temporarily stored it in a new directory. They then
deleted the old directory and re-created the directory again.
After which they copied the files back in and all was well.

No one knows why that worked but it did and so far it still


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