Daily Archives: 3 June 2004

Seeing Yellow

The latest rage locally are these magnets shaped in the form
of a yellow ribbon (available
for $5.25 USD). I see them on cars and trucks all over
town and have apparently even become valuable to thieves. Get
yours now before everyone else has one. YMMV.

Pic of yellow ribbon magnet

Cowabunga, Dude

For you X Window manager fiends out there comes the latest
update to Waimea (Hawaiian,
noun, pronounced why-may-uh and meaning reddish-brown river in
English, referring to the famous surfing spot on the island of
O’ahu). Waimea uses the cairo graphics library to render a
spiffy desktop. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot there at
the website but I guess if you know what a X Windows manager is
you can figure out how to use it. YMMV.