Daily Archives: 4 June 2004

Picture This

I know all eleven of you have been anxiously waiting for my
vacation pics so here they are. I have to say that they aren’t
my best work but I was more into relaxing then trying to do
anything artistic. Still, you can’t go too far wrong taking
pictures of the sunset in Hawai’i ;).

As usual, clicking on an image will link you to a full-sized
version. Note that some of the images are about one MB in size
so let discretion rule your decision…

By the way, there is a lot of “pixelization” in most of the
images due to the imaging software (Paint Shop Pro 8) that I
used to correct some of the colors. I didn’t notice the problem
until I had worked on most of the images. I found that the
automatic contrast enhancement function does bad things and
needs to be used with care, if at all.

Left view.
Left, looking towards the Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon in the
middle distance and the yacht harbor in the foreground (That
big blue thing farther out is the Pacific Ocean. Just trying to
be helpful – ed.).

Center view.
Center, straight out to sea.

Right view.
Right, towards Magic Island of Ala Moana Park.

In-room PC workstation.
In-room computer workstation with my Dell laptop connected via
Fast Ethernet. You can also see the all-in-one fax/printer to
the right. They even provided a ream of paper in the desk

These are some of the sailboats coming in from the usual Friday
evening race held off of Waikiki and Ala Moana.

This is a shot pointing straight down towards the pool on the
fifth floor deck.

Yacht harbor.
A shot of the yacht harbor taken from the pool deck.

Sunset 1.
Obligatory sunset shot number one.

Sunset 2
Obligatory sunset shot number two.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone –