Daily Archives: 9 June 2004

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

For whatever reason, I’ve had all kinds of problems trying
to use GnuPg and have ended up generating a new set of keys.
So, as before, delete any public keys from me that you may have
and use the one linked to on the right. Sorry for any problems
this may cause. Thanks.

Rinse, Wash, Repeat

SWMBO is getting tired of using the Sony Vaio 600MHz Celeron
desktop that she’s been using for the last couple of years. So
I’m putting together a white box PC using an Intel 2.8GHz P4
Prescott, Intel D865GBF-L motherboard, Seagate 120GB SATA hard
drive, and 512MB of Kingston RAM. It will be some time until I get
all the parts in but once built, it should should be adequate
(for awhile) for what she needs to use it for.

Repeat, Wash, Rinse

As long as I can remember, I’ve liked the Los Angeles Lakers basketball
team. Maybe it’s because I went to college in southern
California or maybe it’s just because I like the purple and
gold team colors.

In any case, I can remember the poetry in motion that was
going up for his jump hook. Or the way

Earvin “Magic” Johnson
could fake out his defenders so
badly he would be past them with a layup before they had the
time to figure out which way he went. Or the way Jamaal “Silk”
Wilkes would slice the defense up for breakfast, chew it up for
lunch, and spit it out for dinner with his soft shooting

So you better believe I was watching the Lakers play in the
National Basketball Association championship series yesterday.
After being stunned with a game one loss, the Lakers were
expected to come back strong in game two. But the Detroit
Pistons had other plans and almost handed my team their shorts
on a stick. Win the Lakers did, but ugly was the game.

I don’t like close games. I want the door closed, the lights
out, the eggs cooling, the butter getting hard, and the jello
jiggling (sorry, old Chick Hearn
quote – ed.) by the end of the third quarter. But while I hope
the Lakers will eventually win the series, the old saying about
a good defense beats a good offense may again be proven