Daily Archives: 10 June 2004

Can Ya Dig It?

I guess I’ve been in a reflective mood lately remembering
the past Los Angeles Lakers greats. And a big part of my time
in Los Angeles (1976-1980) was associated with listening to
music. I had a Marantz AM/FM receiver (see
a picture of, I think, the model I had then here) with

Altec Lansing

Most of the stations I listened to have long since either
gone under or changed formats so many times no one can remember
what they started with.

But along with the music were the DJs who spun those
platters. I can remember the authoritative voices of Jim Ladd,
Pat “Paraquat” Kelley, Mary “The Burner” Turner, Jeff Gonzer,
Ace “The Space” Young, and B. Mitchell Reed of KMET and I think
Brother Bob Cole from KKGO Jazz (I could be wrong on the last
one, its been a long time).

This was a time in which “free-form” album oriented rock
still had a chance. In fact, for awhile, KMET was number one in
LA based on their focus on playing good, but not necessarily
commercial music. So instead of the three minute song followed
by commercials, they might play a Led Zeppelin opus like
“Kashmir” or “Stair Way to Heaven” while other stations played
“Mandy” by Barry Manilow.

It was that kind of era. But as in all things, its time came
and went.

He’s a Complicated Man

Sometimes it’s nice to know that even Linux computer gurus
have problems that drive them nuts. Not that I enjoy their
pain, but at least it shows that not everything is as easy as
reading the How-To.

For instance, Jamie Zawinski (see the comments back and
forth here) is trying to
install something called Catweasel.
This is a disk controller that apparently can read PC, Amiga,
Atari, Mac, Commodore, and Nintendo (Nintendo?) diskettes.

But I guess the site correctly warns you that, at least for
the ISA version, “The
drivers are not designed to be easy-to-use. Instead, they are
tools “for-freaks-only”.”

Now, I don’t know which version he is using but with that
kind of there be dragons here warning, you shouldn’t be
surprised if you can’t get it to work out-of-the-box. Still, if
you’ve had any experience actually getting one of these things
to work in Linux, give him a hand because he’s a good guy and
could use the help.

Right On!

I forgot to mention that tomorrow is a state holiday (King
Kamehameha Day), not to mention a federal holiday in memory of
President Reagan, so I’ll be off and no post for tomorrow.

Have a Great, Long Weekend Everyone –