Daily Archives: 14 June 2004

Raise Shields

You know, sometimes I read this stuff and wonder if these
people are for real. I mean, there is enough strange things in
the world without having to make things up. And yet, people

Whether this item is one of them I’ll let you decide.
TheRegister is reporting that the British Ministry of Defense
has developed an anti-grenade vaporizing force field. I kid you
not. According to the
article here

The new electric armour is based on a highly charged
capacitor connected to two separate metal plates on the
tank’s exterior. The outer (armour-plated) plate is earthed
while the insulated inner plate is live.


Engage Cloaking Device

Also out of the UK is this BBC
that says the Swedish Navy will be the first to
deploy a so-called stealth ship. The new class of ship has a
hull made of carbon fiber and above water surfaces angled so as
to deflect radar waves rather than reflecting them
back to the sender. The sum total of the changes reportedly
reduces the radar “signature” by 99 percent.