Hit or Miss

Speaking of missing things. The Los Angeles Lakers are
“guaranteeing” that they will win tonight in their US National
Basketball Association game against the Detroit Pistons. This
is a bold statement given Los Angels is down 1-3 in the
championship series and they are playing in Detroit. Don’t get
me wrong, I love LA. But you don’t go into your opponents home
court and say to everyone you will guarantee you will win. If
there is a better way of energizing your opponent and their
fans I can’t think of it. Sigh.

However, if they do lose, Detroit clinches the championship.
So, one hopes LA will be able to win at least one more game
before losing again (no team has ever come back from a 1-3
record because it requires the team to win three straight games
and if they could do that, they wouldn’t be down 1-3 in the
first place).

In any case, GO LAKERS!



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