Sooner or Later

Microsoft may do a lot things right but getting software out
the door on time is not one of them. So MS rightly takes a lot
of heat when it delays releases multiple times. In the case of
Windows updates, the delays can be measured in years.

But is the same standard applied to non-MS offerings? Not
always. For example, Mozilla
Firefox 0.9
has finally been released. If I remember
correctly, it was due in March. Then it was delayed to
. Then May. So, on June 15, it finally went out the

But, it was supposed to be “feature complete.” Only, it
doesn’t appear to be. For example, you can’t do an upgrade
update. You have to either uninstall your earlier installation
and then install the new or install the new in a different
directory. No, this is not hard to do but it confirms that 0.9
is not “feature complete.” Or at least, in my opinion it’s not
if you consider in place upgrades a “feature”.

So, while I am no MS evangelist, I think
we need to remember that MS is not the only one to miss
deadlines so maybe we should cut them some slack.


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