Daily Archives: 1 July 2004

Point Panic

There have been a few updates to two of the more popular
modern (i.e., non-I.E.) browsers out there. Firefox is at
0.9.1. While you’re there, you may want to update the Thunderbird
e-mail client which is at 0.7.1. Over at Opera, they’ve updated their
browser to 7.51.


Mafia Mania

Speaking of modern browsers, now is the time to switch from
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) to something else. Why?
Regardless of what you may think about Microsoft, the types of
attacks being launched against IE now make it likely that your
personal banking/credit card information will be stolen. If not
today, then tomorrow, or next week. It’s become a matter of
when it will happen, not if it will happen. Prior to now, most
attacks were from teenage boys trying to prove their manhood to
their friends by owning as many other PCs as possible.

Bad as that may have been, now, Russian/Pakistani/Indian
organized crime syndicates have begun to exploit security holes
in IE to steal your banking and/or credit card information so
they can steal your money and identity. If you’ve ever been a
victim of such crimes you know that it takes years to clear the
problems caused by these attacks.

So, there is no time to waste. Right now, go to Mozilla or
Opera and download one of their browsers. Use them instead of
IE and remember to be careful out there…