Can’t Get There From Here

I’ve ranted before about the poor service Hawaii gets from
the two major parcel delivery companies. Either they get things
here faster than the two-day service (so they take boxes off
the truck and hold them in their warehouse until later) or they
do what FederalExcrement did last week.

Before we get to that, let me give you a time line of
events. At a little before 11:30 am HST, on Tuesday, June
29th, I ordered some software from Amazon. I paid additional
for second-day air shipping in the hope of getting the package
by Friday, July 2nd. According to the Amazon processing screen,
with 2nd-day air the package was in fact scheduled to be
delivered on Friday.

On Wednesday, June 30th, the package was picked up by the
shipper at about 3:30pm Mountain Time Zone, in Texas. From
there it went to Memphis, Tennessee. For those of you without a
plugged into your brain, the package went from West to East. I
guess the shipper uses their hubs even if it means it’s farther
away and even if it means they won’t deliver in two days. But
I’m getting ahead of myself.

The package arrived in Memphis on Thursday, July 1 at about
2:20 pm (Central Time Zone). It was held there all day and into
Friday and then into Saturday. I don’t know why it was held in
Memphis when if it had been put on a plane to the west coast
and then on to Hawaii it could have been here on Friday. But it
wasn’t. Instead, it stayed in Memphis until late Saturday when
it was finally put on a plane heading West. I don’t know how
many stops it made on its way here but it finally arrived in
Honolulu Sunday evening, July 4th. Since they don’t deliver on
weekends or holidays, it stayed in the warehouse until Tuesday,
July 6th, SEVEN DAYS after I ordered the
software. Sigh.

And people complain about slow government service. Well, if
it positively has to be there by a certain date, don’t use
these guys. Use the U.S. Postal Service instead. At least they
deliver on Saturdays.


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