Here and There

So, we liked staying at the Hawaii Prince Hotel
so much we decided to come back for the July 4th
holiday and watch the fireworks from the room. The view from
our 30th floor room was terrific. We actually looked down at
some of the fireworks and we were so close that the windows
rattled every time one of the bigger ones went off.

Unfortunately, I guess a lot of other people decided to to
stay here so it was a lot more crowded than the last time we
were here. In fact, the pool was so busy we spent most of our
time out shopping [g]. I got a silk aloha shirt from Avanti and a
couple of golf/polo shirts from NikeTown. SWMBO also
bought a pair of shoes from Nike. We also went to the
DFS Galleria Hawaii
with its huge one story high aquarium
and got a few trinkets to mark our stay in Waikiki.


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