Daily Archives: 13 July 2004

Into the Night

One of the classes I took while working on my Masters in
Public Administration was taught by a futurist by the name of
Dr. Jim
. One of the tools he uses is called alternative

While no one, including futurists, can predict the future,
the process of creating and then temporarily “living” in
alternative futures (plural) opens the mind to the
possibilities available therein.

However, not all scenarios lead to what I would define as
beneficial outcomes. In fact, some scenarios are down right

Such is the case with a dream (nightmare?) I had last night.
I awoke at about 3:00 am with a vivid recollection of the
dream. Usually, I have problems even remembering I dreamt at
all much less remembering the subject of the dream but this one
was so disturbing that I can remember the details even now.

In this future, the U.S. military has decided that they have
had enough of a president who had misled the people. A
president (and vice president) who had a hidden agenda. An
agenda that led to the killing of thousands of military
personnel in a war that was not justified. A war that was run
from Washington that tied the hands of commanders even to the
extent of telling them how many troops they would need.

In this future, the military decided that things had gone
too far and so they (the military) took over the government and
instituted martial law. Security, which had been high before
under civilian control became a heavy blanket covering all
aspects of American life. One could not travel freely without
approval of the local military provost marshal. Citizens were
subject to strip searches at the whim of roving bands of
military personnel. And all elections were “postponed” until
the threat from external forces were countered.

As I said, it was a bad dream…