Daily Archives: 16 July 2004

New Light

This article from the NewScientitst
says noted physicists Stephen Hawking has changed his
mind about black holes. Up to recently, he postulated that
everything that fell into a black hole was destroyed. But
according to the article, Hawking will recant this belief at
the 17th International Conference on General Relativity and
Gravitation in Dublin, Ireland next week. Of course, we will
have to wait for the conference to see what he actually has to
say but if true, this could radically change our understanding
of black holes.


They Mean Business

In other
unrelated news
, foreign female workers in Saudi Arabia are
sometimes sexually abused by their employers. When the women
become pregnant, they (the women) are then charged with
“illegal pregnancies” and thrown in jail where they are further
abused and tortured. No word yet if the US House of
Representatives will reduce the foreign aid to Saudi Arabia by
an additional 10 cents.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –