Daily Archives: 19 July 2004

Wipe and Load

This article from Microsoft
simply confirms what many of
the Daynoters have know for a long time. When it comes time to
switch from one version of Windows to another, it’s best to
“wipe and load.” That is, it’s best to format the hard drive
first and then install Windows rather than doing an

The downside of doing this is you have to reinstall all your
applications and data (which takes time and requires that you
have copies of your applications and data). Of course, if you
partition your drive (or use more than one drive) you can place
Windows and your applications on one partition and your data on
other. Thus, it’s possible to reformat the Windows partition
but keep your data.

In addition, for many programs, you have to have a version
that has a full install as opposed to an upgrade version. Even
though many so called upgrade versions actually are the same as
the full install, the installation program will check of an
earlier version. If it doesn’t find said earlier version, it
won’t install.

Further, in the age of Microsoft’s efforts to prohibit
software stealing, you have to have the product codes to unlock
the installations. No code means no installation.

Hence, make sure you have all the program disks and their
codes (and your data) before you reformat the drive!

The upside is you get rid of what Microsoft calls
“performance problems that occur due to normal performance
degradation.” Some of those problems are listed below:

  • Registry size and fragmentation.

  • Master File Table size and increase.

  • Page file fragmentation.

  • Discretionary applications.

  • No longer needed or outdated device drivers.

  • No longer needed networking protocols.



Enterprise NX-01

My wallpaper for the week is of the Enterprise NX-01. There
are five high resolution views from this model site here.