Daily Archives: 28 July 2004

Moving On

The folks over at MovableType are announcing what will be in
the next version of their popular content management system
(see the announcement here).
Version 3.1 will include a choice between static versus dynamic
page displays on a per page basis, post scheduling (allows you
to create posts ahead of time then have them posted at whatever
interval you want), and a bunch of award winning plug ins. No
word yet on a release date.


That’s No Space Station

One of the images from NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn and
Titan (see it
) looks an awful lot like the “Death Star” a certain
space movie. One hopes that the menacing image is just a trick
the mind sometimes plays.

Table This

Using CSS
to replace tables in web page design is not new. Some have been
doing it for years. For those who haven’t taken the plunge yet,
this site here
gives an overview, based on converting how Microsoft’s home
page would look if it were done in CSS, and how much faster and
lighter the page would be. That’s not to say all is goodness in
CSS land because different browsers interpret CSS differently.
Sometimes the differences are minor and sometimes they aren’t.
Of course, you minimize the problems by using a modern browser
such as Mozilla or Opera.

Meeting Madness

Day One of the meetings that will not die actually ended
early yesterday when the Adobe file the speaker was looking for
couldn’t be found. This probably wasn’t related to the fact
there were over 20 files in the directory with descriptive
names like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I’ve talked about meetings and how if you don’t use tools
such as written agendas and facilitation you end up wasting a
lot of people’s time. Such is the case, so far, in the three
day marathon of meetings I’m attending this week. The meetings
focus on deciding which legal forms to use in the Judiciary’s
new court information system. Each island uses different forms
and the intent is, where possible, to consolidate on one
version. Remarkably, progress is being made but is awfully slow
going because of the lack of focus that naturally occurs when
you bring over 25 people together to discuss anything.

Oh well, if you ever have to lead a meeting, make sure you
know how to use facilitation because, if you do, you can make
things flow much faster and end up with a product that is
better than if you didn’t use facilitation.

Speaking of which, I gotta’ go.