th0u $h@lt n0t $p@|v|

For you l33t h4x0rs out there comes a translation project
worthy of your talents. The NHV (New Hacker Version) Bible from
the folks over at the ChristianHacker site here appears
to be an effort to translate the Bible into hackerspeak.
Whether this is for real or just a parody I don’t know. But for
what it’s worth, they provide a sample of what John 3:16 would
look like:

F0r G0d $0 l0v3d th3 w0rld, th@t h3 g@v3 hi$ 0nly b3g0tt3n
$0n, th@t wh0$03v3r b3li3v3th in hi|v| $h0uld n0t p3ri$h, but
h@v3 3v3rl@$ting lif3.


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