On Point

With the release to manufacturing yesterday (RTF) [update:
now delayed again! No word on the release date.] of Microsoft’s
Service Pack 2 for Windows XP comes this
good review
of just what the fuss is all about. Of course,
most of my 11 irregular readers have already downloaded the
various release candidates and already know. But for those
drive-by visitors who haven’t, take a look. Note that the site
has a sidebar that says you can start downloading the gold code
today but as of this writing I have found no evidence to
support this statement [update: the RTM has been delayed again
due to problems identified at the last minute. When the
problems are solved, you will be able to download it from the
site below].

For those of you who develop or maintain web sites that use
ActiveX components you may want to take a look at
this Microsoft article
on how to modify the site to work
with the changes in SP2. You could also check out a site MS
created that includes
Resources for IT Professionals
as it relates to SP2 [This
is the site mentioned in the review above that says you can
download the gold code today. This site used to have links to
the various release candidates but as of this writing, does not
have a link to the gold code. However, from what I understand,
when the problems mentioned above are resolved, the site will
have a link to the code].

By the way, there is also a SP1 for Office 2003 (Office
update site here). It
includes the regular bug fixes and security patches but also
what is being described as substantial changes to Infopath and
OneNote. I don’t have either installed so I can’t say but if
you do, you may want to check it out.



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