In an Instant

At the height that the lonely plane was flying at, the
weather was extremely cold but clear. So clear that the intense
morning sun glinting off of the windows as the plane made its
final turn towards its destination would have temporarily
blinded anyone seeing the reflection. Still, the aircraft
successfully aligned with the city far below as the bomb bay
doors trundled open exposing the lone bomb tucked within.

At the appointed place and time, the bomb was released and
quickly picked up speed as it fell towards its target. When it
reached its designed altitude above the city a perfectly shaped
spherical charge exploded compressing the radioactive material
within causing it to reach critical mass. In that instant, at
8:15, on the morning of August 6, 1945, a burning flash of
light filled the sky as the Japanese city of Hiroshima was
engulfed in a pressure wave never before experienced by any
city on this planet.

The pressure wave at ground zero moved at almost a 1,000
miles per hour. Even after it had traveled a mile away it was
still moving at almost 200 miles per hour. What wasn’t
destroyed by the pressure wave was burned by the heat. At
ground zero, the temperature rose to 7,000F. Stone melted and
sand became glass. Within hours, gamma and neutron radiation
killed those who survived the pressure and the heat.

Let us remember what happened that day, the lives that were
ended, and pray that we never have to see such a flash of light

Have a Great Weekend Everyone –


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