Windows SP2, II

I had an update to my post on Microsoft Windows XP SP2
yesterday so take a look if you didn’t see it. As a follow-up
to that I’ve now installed the update on three PCs. The first,
as noted earlier was my Dell OptiPlex 260 at work. I followed
that with my Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop, and then my main PC at
home (which is a whitebox PC). All installed successfully
except for the last one.

My main PC at home has an Intel 815-based motherboard, Intel
Pentium III 933MHz CPU, Plextor CD burner,
Maxtor hard drive, and 512MB of Kingston RAM. When I tried to install
SP2, the install stopped at the point of installing MovieMaker
2 (don’t ask me why it installs that since I don’t use nor want
it but you have little or no control over what gets installed).
I let it sit there for two hours just in case it would start up
again but no joy. So I ended up doing a hardware reset.

The PC rebooted Windows and came up with an error message
saying the system was in an unstable state (no sh*t, Keemo
Sahbee) and to remove SP2. So I went into Control Panel,
Add/Remove Programs, and started the process to remove SP2.
Note that you may get a couple of dire warnings saying removing
SP2 will cause everything, including the NTKernel to stop
working. Ignore the warnings and continue on. Once SP2 was
removed and the system rebooted I tried installing SP2 again.
This time it worked. I don’t why it got hung up the first time
but all seems well now.

Having now seen what gets installed I’m sorry to say I’m
underwhelmed. I downloaded over 270MBs for what? I don’t use
Internet Explorer so it doesn’t matter to me if it’s allegedly
a little safer to use. I don’t use MovieMaker. I already have a
firewall (ZoneAlarm at work and Sygate at home on the laptop).
I don’t use Outlook or Outlook Express so I don’t care if it’s
less of a security hole than before. I dunno. Maybe recompiling
everything with most buffer overruns cleared out is worth it.
Assuming here that they got all of them (which time will

Anyway, if you support PCs for a living, I assume you have
already downloaded this and are evaluating the impact it will
have on operations. If you are JoeAverage with a dialup
connection, I would wait until Windows Update has the smaller
90MB update available (rumored to be around August 25th).


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