Off the Mark

This one was just too good to pass up. If you live in
Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore, Microsoft has an operating
system for you. It’s called Windows “Starter Edition” and costs
about $36 (I assume this is a US equivalent). However, the
edition reportedly will allow only three applications to run at
once (assuming you have the hardware to run more than one
application at a time).

The crippled edition, due out in October, is apparently
Microsoft’s response to inroads made by the Linux operating
system. Unfortunately for MS, Linux is widely available for
free (so are stolen copies of Windows in Asia – ed.) so even at
$36, Windows will be more expensive than Linux.

While I think a lower price is a good idea, getting an even
more crippled operating system, in my opinion, is not the
answer. The answer is to sell Windows XP Pro for no more than
$50, which is what it’s worth. When Longhorn comes out, they
could raise the price to $75. But otherwise, Windows just isn’t
worth the two or three hundred dollars they charge now.

See the story from
TheRegister here


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