Ocean Front Property

Many people come to Hawai’i for the scenery. For those on
the Big Island of Hawai’i, that scenery keeps getting bigger
all the time. But not everyone comes just for the amazing
the Honolulu Advertiser
has an article on
scientists from the U.S.
Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
that have
been studying volcanos and the movement of molten rock for

They do important, perhaps someday life saving, work. Take a
look at their site for live web cams of the source of the lava,
Pu’u ‘O’o, Kilauea vent. During the day, there isn’t much to
see, but I am told at night, you can see light from the glowing
molten lava.

Note that the photo below was taken at a location down slope
from Kilauea where the lava eventually enters the sea:

Lava flowing into the sea.



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