Spanning the Globe

I’ve talked before about this site here that has panorama
views of all kinds of places. From the Moon to Easter Island
they have 360° panoramas (Note that you need the QuickTimeTVR
plugin and a compatible browser to view the images.).

I recently went back to the site to take a look around and
found this panorama
of the statute of King Kamehameha that is in front of
the building called Ali’iolani Hale. By turning in the opposite
direction, you can also see across the street the only royal
palace on US soil – ‘Iolani Palace.

Ali’iolani Hale, was built in the 1870s to serve as
residence for then King Kamehameha V. Tragically, the king died
before moving in. Having no children, the Kamehameha dynasty
came to a heart breaking end with his death in 1872.

Approximately 20 years later, in 1893, on the
very steps of Ali’iolani Hale where I now work, American
interests, with force of arms illegally overthrew the remaining
monarchy and established one of their own as President of

Sometimes, as I walk the halls that Hawaiian kings and
queens have trod, I am filled with sadness over what once was,
but will probably never be again.



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