Uke Too

Ukulele is just not one of those musical instruments that
many people want to hear or play. I mean, when was the last
time you saw an air ukulele contest? Or saw Eddie Van Halen
burning the strings out of one with his fingers? Rather, you
are more likely to see
Bob Hope and Bing Crosby
crooning with a uke than you are
The Who. It’s just considered to be too light weight for
serious musicians.

But one man, by the name of Jake Shimabukuro is
getting some good
(as is the instrument itself here)
during his Summer tour across the US and Asia. Shimabukuro, who
is from Hawai’i, has been putting on his dynamic shows for
awhile now and if you’ve never seen someone who can play,
really play, the ukulele, then go see him.

I say go see him for two reasons. The first is because I
can’t find samples of his music at the usual places so you
can’t otherwise hear his music. The second is because when you
see him play live you see the energy that Shimabukuro exerts
while using every last ounce of expression that the instrument
can produce.

As always, his music isn’t for everyone. But if you ever get
a chance, spend a few minutes listening and see if you don’t
agree that there is no one better out there right now.


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