Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? (Does anyone care?)

Speaking of dates, I’ve decided to switch to

compliant notation. I think there is too much chance for
mis-communications when using numbers to represent dates. For
example, in the US, 05/12/04 represents May 12, 2004. But in
most other countries, it would mean 5 December 2004. Under
ISO-8601, I think both are wrong as it should
be read as 4 December 2005.

This means when I use numbers (as opposed to spelling out
the month which, as I understand it, ISO-8601 is silent on
since there is no ambiguity when you spell out the month) to
designate a date, it will be in the general form of YYYY-MM-DD.
In addition, time will be expressed using the 24-hour clock
with the offset to Universal Coordinated Time displayed after
the local time. For example, 23:30-10:00 would be displayed
instead of 11:30 p.m. Hawaiian Standard Time.

Since I very rarely, on this blog, type out dates using only
numbers, there shouldn’t be much of a change. On the other
hand, I do refer to the time, from time to time. But I assume
most people will understand what time it is.

As an interesting sidebar, those wacky ISO people apparently
created two different designations for midnight. From what I
understand, you can say 2004-08-31T24:00-10:00 or you can say
2004-09-01T00:00-10:00. Don’t ask me why because it seems to
create an ambiguity, something I thought they were trying to
get rid of (in addition, no digital clock I know reads 24:00 at
midnight). In any case, I’ll just say midnight rather than use



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