Down, But Not Out

I see that Steven Den
is saying he has stopped writing essays for his site
(at least for now). He lays out his reasons which, in large
part, as I understand it, is based on being worn down by people
who would email him with unwelcome comments.

If this is the case, the world is a lesser place because of
it. That’s not to say I agreed with everything he had to say
nor the way he said it (not that I’m in a position to judge).
But at least he laid out his thoughts in a rational manner
paving a road through the wilderness that is the Internet.

I can only imagine the time and effort he must have put into
his long essays as I find it sometimes difficult just to do the
short links and occasional short essay I do (even taking the
weekend and most holidays off as I do).

In any case, it’s his life and if doing what he was doing
wasn’t rewarding to him, he has every right to go off and do
something that is. But I get the feeling, to extend the
metaphor quoted on his site: painters gotta paint, singers
gotta sing, and writers gotta write. I figure he’ll turn up
somewhere, somehow.


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