MT to WP to MT

First up, version 3.11 of MovableType (hereinafter MT) is
out. It fixes a bunch of installation bugs and other things
found in version 3.1. Unfortunately, as of yesterday, the
instructions don’t say how to install the upgrade over a 3.1

Having now used both WordPress (hereinafter WP) and MT, I
think I can do a short comparison. WP’s install is much more
robust and easier to do. This is not surprising given rival MT
has a business designed to do the installations. Hence, MT has
an economic incentive to make the install as difficult as
possible so you will pay them to do it for you. WP has no such
incentive so their install runs smoothly.

Once installed, WP appears to be less polished then MT. WP
apparently assumes you will do all your writing in their
GUI. Hence,
as a feature, their interface automatically inserts line
breaks. Unfortunately, if you use another editor to prepare
your posts, and then copy the results into WP, it will insert
line breaks where it chooses. Even if that is in the middle of
a tag. Inserting a <br> tag within another tag disables
the tag. This is not a Good Thing. MT has an option to disable
this function but, as far as I can see, WP does not.

In addition, plugins written for WP are still in the early
stages of development (as is WP itself). So, you should not be
surprised if changes in WP break certain plugins or if the
plugins themselves don’t work. For example, a port of
MT-Blacklist (an anti-comment spam plugin) for WP doesn’t work.
Another plugin, one to automatically close comments after a
certain number of days, actually closes the database to all
changes (making it impossible to login or out of WP nor to add
any new comments at all).

I assume these kinds of problems will be corrected and that
WP will become more polished and usable. Until then, I’ll
continue to use MT.



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