Hot Time in Hilo?

Speaking of volcanoes. Okay, so I wasn’t talking about
volcanoes but Mauna
on the Big Island is
acting up again
. But I can’t get too excited about it, even
if Mauna Loa is the largest volcano in the world, because its
and is a natural
of living next to a volcano.

The scientists there use very accurate GPS monitors to track the
movement of the ground (because it’s easier to track than magma
underground) to infer what is happening below the surface.

In addition,
seismic activity
has recently picked up but it is too soon
to say when there will be an eruption. Even when it does, and
it will at some point, it typically takes about nine to 10
months for the lava to flow from the caldera down to inhabited
areas (and it’s been about 3,500 years since it reached the

Having said that, you probably don’t want to be in the way
molten lava
. And while there have been efforts to
divert flows
away from structures, the results have
generally have been inconclusive at best (although there was
some success in Iceland).

In any case, when it does start flowing, it is one of
natures wonders to see. The glow
from the lava can be seen for miles.



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