Open Hunting

You may have noticed that comments have been re-enabled. I
don’t know how long it will be until the spam bots find this
site (yes, I have MT-Blacklist installed) and start spamming it
again but until then, your comments are welcome.

Note that when you click on the comments link what you see
will vary depending on your browser. It appears the MovableType
folks wrote code that is interpreted differently by the
major browsers. For Opera and Firefox I see a link that says
“If you have a TypeKey identity, you can sign in to use it

But if I follow that link, and use my TypeKey identity to
try to login I get an error messaging saying “The site you’re
trying to comment on has not signed up for this feature. Please
inform the site owner.” Heck if I know how to sign up since I
have already inputed my TypeKey Token but I guess I’m supposed
to do something else? I dunno.

If you are using IE, you probably won’t see the link so it
doesn’t matter. But if you are using Opera or Firefox (and you
should), ignore that link and just fill out the comment

UPDATE: I seem to have it figured out. In TypeKey, where it asks for the address of your applications it seems to mean where do you have, for example, mt.cgi installed. For some reason, I thought they were asking where the index.html file was (which in my installation are two different places).

In any case, I’m still having problems but I will note them by browser below:

For IE, if your security settings are high, you may not see the link to TypeKey for logging in. I tried changing my seetings by adding to my trusted sites and got the login link. But when I tried to login all I got was a blank screen. I’m not sure what other settings I need to change but if you get logged in, let me know.

For Firefox, it works without problems. ‘Nuff said.

For Opera, I get the link but when I get logged in I get a blank page. I assume, like IE, the security settings are blocking things but I can’t say for sure. More later if I get it figured out.

As noted before, you don’t need to use TypeKey to login but it’s there if you want/are able to use it.


One response to “Open Hunting

  1. Using MSIE (@ work) and I see the TypeKey.

    I signed up for TypeKey but something must have gone wrong cause I cannot sign in there.