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Select * from SPRIDEN
where DOCKET_IND like ‘C%’
order by OWNER;

I’ve tried to avoid using SQL because I’m
it’s such an obtuse language. But I guess I just can’t
get away from it.

As noted yesterday, I’m in a week long training on how to
access our new information system. The system is an Oracle
database and consists of hundreds of tables. To query the
database, you need to know how to use SQL, even if you are
using a front end such as Crystal Reports, which we will be
starting on today.

So, yesterday was spent going through the database tables
and doing a few simple SQL queries. Today we will try using
Crystal Reports to create queries similar to what we did
yesterday and look at some of the features that will enable us
to create the kind of reports we may need.



2 responses to “Select *

  1. Poor you, having to use Crystal Reports.
    I know very few frontends that are worse for accessing data. The only positive thing I know about CR is that it can make nice reports for printing.

  2. I remember learning SQL back in uni. At that time it was all very abstract, strange and to be honest I didn’t really get it. I seemed to spend most of my time tweaking the query I’d written until the output looked like I thought it should. The number of times I’d written cartesian joins or similar and then had to tie it down was absurd.

    Since uni days though things have crystalised a little, and now I know pretty much exactly what I’m doing with SQL, and on a daily basis seem to end up writing some wierd and wonderful SQL to do all sorts of stuff.

    I guess it’s another one of those things that when you don’t get it, you don’t get it. And when you do, it’s easy.