Daily Archives: 24 September 2004

What a Concept!

Liking your customers will lead to their liking you. This
translates into profits. Yes, I know, some people think profits
are a bad thing. But it isn’t. Not all the time anyway.

Here’s one guy’s
open letter to the media industry
and how the computer
industry lied to them.


Get Lost

It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but about 19 million people
in the US tuned in to watch this TV
series called Lost
. It’s about stranded survivors of an
airplane crash. I only watched the first 10 minutes of it (it
is one of three TV series being filmed in Hawai’i) so I can’t
give much of a review but I don’t think I’ll be watching more
of it.

I then switched channels to one of the other series filmed
here called, now wait for it, Hawaii.

I like Hawaii’s heart, it tries to capture what
this place is about much as Hawaii Five-0 did in its day.
But the writing needs to be better. Somebody needs to edit the
story lines for common sense. For example, I’m tired of seeing
the good guys busting down the front door but leaving the back
door uncovered so the bad guys can use it for their escape.
Phuuulease. Stop that. Right now.

Having said that, at least Hawaii has a sense of
place. The third series filmed here, North Shore,
could very well have been set in Orange County, California
(where most of their writers must be from). If they don’t
integrate what this place represents into their stories I won’t
be watching it either.

Still, three series in town is good for the economy so keep
watching America!