Have They Lost Their Minds

From the way too much is better sector of digital cameras
comes the
Hasselblad H1D
22-megapixel camera. You read that right,
22MP. Each high resolution image takes up 132MB so Hasselblad
includes a 40GB “Image Bank” external hard drive for image
storage. Connection to a PC is via FireWire. The camera body
accepts Hasselblad HC lens. Not that any of that matters
since the price is so high ($21,995) you don’t even need to


One response to “Have They Lost Their Minds

  1. 22 MP medium format digitals aren’t exactly news. Mamiya’s had one for a bit now (and it comes with an iPaq as a remote viewing screen!). These aren’t intended for the average p/s user, but for the commercial (studio, usually) photographer, who can now quickly show the art director what he’s got so they can make any necessary changes on the spot. Given the increasing reliance on elaborate, frequently composited or PhotoShopped, photos for advertising purposes, it’s inevitable. And for them, affordable (you priced processing for 120 and 220 roll film in commercial volumes – 10 or so rolls/session – lately?).