Stop Hurting Your Customers

Are you the administrator of a network? Do you think part
of your job description is to know the status of the network?
If so, do you use network monitoring software? If not, why

It seems to me that if you don’t monitor the network, you
are being reactive and turning your customers into your
monitors. It also means you’re the last to know when
something goes wrong.

Doing services this way is like a mechanic saying he or
she will wait until the airplane crashes and they get a
telephone call from the fire department before they’ll check
whether there is oil in the engines.

In my opinion, waiting to get a call from someone telling
you the network has crashed and burned is not an intelligent
way of doing business. Especially since the tools to monitor
networks are available for free:

The point is there are tons of software out there to
monitor network status. Take a look and find one that meets
your needs, install it, and know what is going on.



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