NZ Mongrel Uses Phone to Get Help

I know this story is going to sound like the bad plot from
a 1950s TV show but I’m not making this up.

Michelle Trainor took her two dogs, Grubby and Murdoch,
for a walk last week. Nothing remarkable about that. But read

As they were walking along, Murdoch playfully nudged
Grubby over a 50 metre high embankment. As Trainor looked
over the bank to check on Grubby, the edge gave way and down
Trainor went. She continued rolling down the bank until she
impaled her chest on a tree branch. She lay there stunned for
several hours before awakening. When she awoke, the pain from
the tree branch was so bad she decided to pull the branch
out with her bare hands.

Then, still in much pain, she heard her cell phone
ringing. Unfortunately, she had dropped it half way up the
bank as she fell and she was in no condition to climb up and
get it. So what did she do? She told Murdoch to go get the
phone. And…he…did. The dog rescued from the dog
pound helped to rescue his master.

But there’s more. Trainor called her husband who came
looking for her. But due, by then, to the darkness, he could
not find her. So Trainor sent Murdoch up the hill and the
dog led Trainor’s husband back to her

All is well now but I guess you could say dogs are women’s
best friends too. See the story from New Zealand

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –


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