Daily Archives: 10 November 2004

Motorola Razr V3 – Can You Hear Me Now?

The Internet rumor is that the
Motorola Razr V3
(requires Flash to view the site) will
apparently go on sale in the US through Cingular this coming
Monday. Unfortunately, rather than have a price similar to
the UK, where the V3 is already available for no cost with a
new subscription
, Cingular will price it at about $500USD with a two year
minimum contract.

Sigh. I feared Cingular might do something like that.
Although, I suppose, much of the blame should be pointed
towards Motorola for having variable list prices based on
what they think they can extort the market will

But how does this build good will? How does this build the
trust required to be willing to purchase a product? It
appears Motorola isn’t concerned that Samsung is eating its
way towards second place (Nokia is number one and Moto number
2 according to this TheRegister article
) and will probably overtake them sometime early next
year by selling exceptional phones at reasonable prices.

Motorola has been, for some time, trying to find its way
back to the top of the field – a position it held since the
beginning of the cell phone revolution. While technically
speaking, the new V3 is a positive step in that direction,
they may have more than neutralized that advantage by pricing
the phone out of reach of 99 percent of the people Motorola
hopes to sell to.

One can only hope that Motorola, and Cingular, see the
competitive advantage to dropping the price, Real Soon Now.
Otherwise, they will have wasted this opportunity and
Motorola will continue the long, not so slow slide into