Gone to Maui

Sorry, no post today. I’m on vacation and will be back on Monday.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!


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  1. Since the original has posting closed, I’ll comment here. I posted “A Tale of the Shire” to a forum I and my older brother run, and he gave me this reply (enjoy!).

    Thou forgettest the Great Penguin! And LO, he spake, and there was formed a NEW fish, unlike all that had come before it in that it was a great mystery to many, and a great pleasure to many others. It was fathered by the Eunuchs, and in the depths of the great Pea Sea, it calmed the waves with wonderous Secure Tea. This Secure Tea was mighty, but required great aforethought and brightness. Ever greater it grew, until even the lowly masses took notice, and it was called named the Line Orks.

    But hark! Out of the great dark depths was called a Hex Pea, an Entity-based Window! And those who called themselves Leet laughed upon it, yet the masses flocked to it. Even so, it cost dearly, and they had to pay out of their nose. And the Great Blue spake, saying thusly, “Every home must have a Hex Pea, so make therefore we the Hex Pea Home!” And from the great hulk of the Hex Pea came a small, mangled Hex Pea Home. And the mindless masses paid dearly, for they knew not the Line Orks.

    The Line Orks grew evermore mighty, and became many factions, which warred within themselves as to who was the Most Mighty. Among them were those of the Red Hat, the draconious Man Drake, those who wanted to be like Gen and became Gen, too, the lazy Slackwarers, the clan of the mighty princess Debian, and the son of the Doctor, SUSE. These factions, despite the turmoil, fought against the ubiquitous Hex Pea, outdoing it with little cost, rams, or even difficulties. Many tried to use the files of the Entities and dosfish, yay, even of the window. Drink they did, for with Wine comes compatibility. Still others followed that twisted lovechild, Lynn Spire, daughter of Line Orks and dosfish.

    Meanwhilst, the Ozes were slain, or yielded to old age, while the Apples of McIntosh hung about with their many I-things. And the Gateskeeper said, Lo, Hex Pea shall reign forevermore; and the Line Orks cried ever loudly, Nay! Hex Pea is a blight, and we shall triumph! And to this day the factions war and battle, staining the shores of Pea Sea with their blood, and that of the huddled masses, yearning to break even.