Daily Archives: 16 November 2004

Razr Thin Chance

As mentioned
, Cingular rolled out the Motorola Razr V3
[Note: the Cingular site doesn’t seem to be compatible with
Firefox. Using IE got me further along but I still got page
display errors. Perhaps this is why, when I typed in my ZIP
code, the site said I was located on Kaua’i. Which is not a
bad place to be, but I am actually on O’ahu.] yesterday. But
not only is it being sold at the ridiculous price of $499,
the price is actually discounted by $100 from the even more
ridiculous list price of $599!

But wait. There’s more. From what I understand, the price
is only good until the end of December. If true, what the
price will be in January is unclear.

But wait. There’s even more. If pricing at Motorola wasn’t a
bad enough problem, this
article from Engadget
says there may be problems with
quality control in four other Motorola models. With that kind
of record, one has to wonder what problems may be lurking in
the V3.

High prices and reported low quality. Is it any wonder
that Motorola is sliding down towards third place?