Daily Archives: 18 November 2004

WUS-Out: Windows Update Services Goes Beta

For this week’s unfortunate acronym award comes the beta
test of Microsoft’s Windows Update Service (WUS)(see the
story from eWeek here).
MS is big on WUS and expects the follow-on to the Software
Update Service to ship sometime in mid-year 2005.

MS revealed its WUS at the IT Forum show in Copenhagen
where, among other things, Bill Gates did a demo of various
new technologies. Gates would like to spread WUS as widely as
possible during this beta test to ensure as many programming
holes as possible can be filled before shipping.

However, leaks regarding problems with WUS have circulated
for some time, especially since its been behind schedule by
12 months. Nonetheless, MS is insisting WUS will mature into
a robust solution to the problem of software updates.


Sun Shining: Solaris 10 Goes Open-Source

The WindowsIT Pro
says Sun will release an Open-Source version of
Solaris 10. The software, not available until sometime in
January, will be free but will not include any support.

Moz vs. IE: The End of the Beginning

The W3Schools
site has a
table of browser stats
that confirms the slow decline in
Internet Explorer usage while at the same time Mozilla usage
is rapidly increasing.

It is certainly premature to say that Mozilla will soon
rule the roost by deposing IE. But it may be accurate to say
we have seen the end of the beginning that could lead to that