Daily Archives: 19 November 2004

Less Filling: XPLite 1.5 is Out

Those of you who are old enough to have used Windows98, lo
those many years ago, may remember a utility called 98 Lite.
This utility did what Microsoft said couldn’t be done.
Namely, it split Internet Explorer and a bunch of other
embedded programs from the underlying operating system.

There is now a version for Windows XP SP2 (also works with
Win2K SP4) called XPLite/2000Lite.
This utility can give you back the power to pick just what is
installed on your Personal Computer or at least it
gives you the choice to install about 120 different Windows

Obviously, if you want an operating system that can do a
variety of work you might not want to remove very many of
those components but at least it’s up to you decide. In
addition, there may be times that this could act as an aid in
troubleshooting problems by systematically removing
components until the problem disappears.

If you need such a program, you can give it a free,
limited function, test drive and see it it fits your needs.
If it does, it’ll cost you $40 bucks to download a license
for the full monty and $10 more if you want the shiny disk
edition. YMMV. Use at your own risk. The door is a jar.
Objects are closer then they a pear.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –