Faith vs. Rationlism

Warning! Religion discussion. Come back tomorrow if you
are offended.

First, let me say I am a Christian and belong to what some
may describe as a conservative Protestant sect. Further, I
believe there are some things about God you simply have to
accept on faith because there isn’t any way to otherwise make
a rational decision. The problem, to me then, is determining
which situations to accept on faith and which to use rational

That said, I like to think that God gave people a brain to
think things through. That He gave people the ability to
critically examine questions and come to rational
conclusions. Indeed, that one of the ways He reveals the
wonders of His creation is through science.

Unfortunately, many people seem to have problems dealing
with complexity. That is, if they can’t wrap their minds
around a problem they automatically fall back to faith. This
isn’t necessarily a GoodThing.

Mankind came out of the Dark Ages by, among other things,
questioning things based solely on faith and examining them
using the scientific method. By throughly comparing the
evidence to what appears to be reality, we may come to a
better understanding of what is truth.

Still, having come this far, we are always dangerously
close to reversing course and heading towards our own Dark
Age. What we come to think as being normal society is but a
thin veneer covering a multitude of irrational fears and very
angry people. Get within range of these people and we could
see the worst of McCarthyism
and the
Scopes trial

Evidence of this is
this recent Gallop pole
that says 45 percent of Americans
believe God created humans about 10,000 years ago.

While I fully understand that Darwin’s theory of evolution
is just that, a theory, and while I fully understand polls
can be very misleading – the theory of evolution sure seems
to explain a lot of what we observe to be reality. In fact,
it seems to explain more things than just relying on what I
believe to be misguided faith.

And here we come to the crux of the matter – when is it
appropriate to use faith and when is it appropriate to use
our minds and the scientific method to reveal God’s

I can’t give you that answer but I fear for all us when
people apparently so easily disregard what science has



One response to “Faith vs. Rationlism

  1. You can push evolutoion theory out but then you might start arguing abouth which Religious book you take the creation story from.
    Your Budha may not be my Budha.