Lycos Spams Spammers

This BBC
says Lycos Europe (no, I don’t know why there isn’t
a US version) has a screen saver

endlessly requests data from sites that sell the goods
and services mentioned in spam e-mail.

Lycos hopes will it (sic) make the monthly bandwidth
bills of spammers soar by keeping their servers running
flat out.

The net firm estimates that if enough people sign up and
download the tool, spammers could end up paying to send out
terabytes of data.


One response to “Lycos Spams Spammers

  1. Not a bad idea at first sight.
    So it’s time to take a second look.

    When those spamsites are funded by adds their high hitrates would increase their add-revenu. So now the spammer has a -low- income from the few rats that react on the mail and buy from them and a second -probably higher- income from web-site adds.
    Once normal sites realise they can increase their traffic -and related add-income- by spamming (preferably Lycos customers) I expect the spam rate to even increase.