Daily Archives: 3 December 2004

Thunderbirds Argot

The Mozilla team announced Wednesday that the Thunderbird
RC1 is now available.
You can read the announcement
and follow the link in the post to the download.
From what I can see in the Mozilla support forums, the
Thunderbird e-mail client is set to go gold sometime next
week (barring unforeseen problems with the RC1).

With such a short time before then, I would say it’s best
to wait until next week before downloading unless, of course,
you want to help the Moz Squad test the RC1.

Speaking of Moz, columnist Brian Livingston’s
latest newsletter
has a couple of tips on tweaking
Firefox to run faster. He also has a link to a guy who has
created optimized builds of Firefox based on your CPU. YMMV.
Professional driver on a closed course. Don’t do this at home
(go to a friend’s house and try it there).


Programming Note

I have some more training on the new
information management system that the Judiciary is working
on. The training runs all day, every day next week so posts
may be short, if not sweet. Thanks in advance for your

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –