The Nature of the Beast

“You go to war with the Army you have, not the one you
might want…” – US Secretary of Defense Donald

This is the latest slap at the US Army by the Secretary of
Defense. Does his statement provide aid and comfort to the
enemy? Does this statement rise to the level of treason?
Perhaps not, I’ll leave that to others to decide. But I
believe his statement is just one more indication of his war
against the Army and his supreme arrogance.

some neo-cons are demanding his resignation
. The story
quotes a former Lt. Colonel as saying “He is an extremely
talented man but he has the tragic flaw of hubris. His
arrogance is unbearable.” In
a Salon article
, retired Colonel David Hackworth
describes Rumsfeld as “an arrogant assh*le” who went into
Iraq thinking it would be “Mission Accomplished” in a few
days and then the Iraqis would be throwing parades and
showering our troops with flowers.

Leaving aside whether he is or is not arrogant, the
more important question is whether Secretary Rumsfeld is a
good leader. Do his actions aid the war effort or make it
more dangerous for our troops on the ground? Do his policies
facilitate the efforts of the troops or do they make it more
difficult? Does the man understand, in the words of Ellen
Glasgow, that “All change is not growth, as all movement is
not forward.”

In any case, with people like Secretary Rumsfeld in the
Bush administration, who needs enemies?

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One response to “The Nature of the Beast

  1. You need lots of enemies. To at least detract the attention from these guys.
    Just considder what would happen to the US military if DR would be able to reform it to his own “vision” and do so without an actual war as reality check.