Tree Decoration 101

It’s that time of the year. What time is that? It’s Christmas
tree decorating hints with Iris and Fern
. They’re the
Katz and they know how to setup a tree until it’s

Okay, so it’s not a deep political examination of the
underlying problems of the Bush administration and how they
thought once Saddam was captured all hostilities would cease
since the Iraqi resistance was clearly so hierarchical and
unable to act as autonomous units, unlike ours which were so
well equipped and trained (is that a run-on sentence or what?
-ed.). In fact, more U.S. soldiers have died in the year
since the capture of Saddam then the year before. In fact
fighting has intensified in the year since Saddam has been
captured than the year before. In fact, all the Neocon
*pundits were wrong. They were wrong about the weapons of
mass destruction (remember those?). They were wrong about
“Mission Accomplished.” They were were wrong about how to
conduct the war. They are wrong about how to end the war.
They are wrong about Abu Ghurayb prison. They were wrong
about the break down in society that occurs when a political
power vacuum exists. Dead wrong.

And yet, he got re-elected. Well, all I can say is don’t blame
me, I voted for Kerry.

Posting will, through the end of the year, remain light
and spotty. Some of this is because things are so busy at
work and partly it’s I will be on vacation later this



One response to “Tree Decoration 101

  1. Just shows what a perfect president George is, what with winning the elections while his team did it’s very best to sink him. …

    (or they planned to get rid of Bush and were wrong at that too ^_^ )